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  • Fall in love to create a perfect presentation --the report about OMS company exhibition hall

    On April 18, 2016,it cost ten thousand yuan to design and build the Elevator Exhibition Hall.In addition,it also cost a few months to open it.Walk into the exhibition hall,appear in your eyes is the blue and white visual arts, a large area of blue main tone, contain the mind of OMS people are as vast as the sea.the auxiliary white colour, is set off very good, visually more clean.The whole exhibition hall, designers want to through graphics, pictures and articles to describe the development history of word elevator and chinese elevator.It also shows OMS humanistic feelings, through the glorious years, the memory of the classic project, the latest scientific and technological products. Based on the expression of the demand, the whole exhibition hall  divided into several functional areas by irregular "s", allowing visitors to stop in front of each region,and let them to touch and feeling what the OMs people want to express.

    Elevator exhibition hall doesn't need luxury, more time it needs to express the characteristics of a business's corporate culture in the historical development ,and combined with the show of specific high science and technology products , both of them are indispensable,complement each other to form a double sense of vision and thought. Walk into OMS company exhibition hall, although simple, and without luxury, but you can feel  the special feelings of elevator!

    Picture 1: the entrance Picture 2:Major classic projects show

    Picture 3:operation box

    Picture 4:Different styles of car Picture 5: The honor of company