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  • Good news: Oms machine roomless elevator products series add a new member

    On April 26, 2016,The  OF10 type,5000kg rated capacity ,1.25m/s rated speed machine-room-less freight elevator successfully pass the national type test.Various performance index achieve the national standard of excellent grade.The elevator was installed in the Jia Pu lighting company factory of Zou Qu,Changzhou City.In such a large-tonnage and high speed elevator project,our company used a number of patented technology,such as strcture design of double safety clamp,real time remote monitoring and control technology of host operating condition and so on.The launch of the product, make the capacity of machine-room-less freight elevator from 2000kg, 3000kg, 3200kg, 4000kg to 5000kg,and the speed from 0.5m/s, 1.0m/s to 1.25m/s.This is another major breakthrough technology products after the large-tonnage elevator
    developed in september 2015.Which is made oms company to solid and laid a leading position in the large-tonnage and high speed of freight elevator field.