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  • Concept system ( five content )
    Aomasi company is actively exploring and practice the concept of a complete system of systems , we require employees to attitudes toward work , the quality of the demanding melt into one , deep into all the details of daily management , standing "character = Product " the idea of the height of boutique manufacturing industries to manage to accomplish great quality culture .

    Guxun conduct
    Industry specializing in surgery , before being paid off, the sound of his own sound , and master the world

    Founding introspection in order to see around corners , made one of the words, and then winning a thousand miles

    Warnings of legislation
    ( 1 ) cautious and meticulous
    Aomasi people cautious , perseverance , excellence , once seriously bent on doing one thing , we must take this thing to be perfect .
    ( 2 ) devote himself to build
    Aomasi who threw himself into the elevator industry , to pour the product , Mi except confusion, heal impetuous, resist the temptation to enjoy the dedication and loneliness brings us to enrich and ease.
    ( 3 ) sufficient to fulfill the field of good governance
    Aomasi people good governance, enough to fulfill the field, step by step , by virtue of their own efforts and pioneering spirit in the face of intense competition in the elevator industry , hard work out of one of our own vast .
    ( 4 ) Accumulate pooling resources
    Aomasi people paid off, their representative , quantitative to qualitative follow the laws of nature , simple honest life style and diligence diligent mien , and strive to perfect the principle of combining work and ultimately will contribute to the success of our business.

    ( 1 ) High-tech starting point to explore the young
    Ormus starting point, large investment and abide by the industry rules, treasure market reputation has been built up to the identity of the young pioneers , with firm and vigorous pace , among the elevator industry ;
    ( 2 ) the patent honor, value in return
    Ormus believe: Quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty . The company 's patented high-quality products, technologies, high-tech design , bold use of new materials, new technology to build out the products for customers to win a high value in return , to bring their own vast sales market ;
    ( 3 ) to create quality, achievement scale
    Ormus always based in the elevator industry , and strive to do fine, stronger, bigger, and strive to become the industry's most influential brands.
    ( 4 ) lofty , high aspirations
    Only a dream in mind , in order to progress relentless . Ormus is a " newborn" , depending on the innovation of life , abandon content with complacency , will shine in heaven and earth invigorating .
    ( 5 ) the successful selection, cooperation and win-win
    Each point achievements are derived from a wise choice , choose Ormus , you have to ensure the quality of the product configuration elevator ; glorious achievements but also from the sincere cooperation , only concentric Affinities , simultaneous Xiangqiu before we create a common a better future.

    Grand vision
    Ormus who specialize in elevators and processing technology , meticulous care , better attitude and build quality , and strive to fight the industry in five years who dominate the field .

    Core refining
    Company mission: to uphold social responsibility , develop win for customers , for employees to seek the well-being and create value for society.
    Core values: excellence, quality endless ; never complacent , customer when Der Spiegel .
    The spirit of enterprise : integrity - be honest , abide by its commitment is the basis of survival and faith pillars Ormus , it is plain for all Ormus human pursuit.
    UNCLE - real life, serious work .
    Innovation - technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation is the eternal theme of the company's continued development.
    Enterprise style: concentrate , hard work

    Working mechanism : clear, orderly, harmonious and efficient