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  • OMS moving walk has been developed and produced by OMS elevator Company to meet large passenger flow, long operation time, long-distance delivery of the passengers; luggages and goods. It keeps in pace with the world's high-tech development trend. It applies the advanced manufacture craft & technology. It goes all out to put out OMS moving walk. It has 0~12°multi-style for the users' free selection. OMS movingwalk are widely applicable for various shopping centers, aviation ports, supermarkets, recreation. OMS moving walks are widely applicable for various shopping centers, avition ports, supermarkets,recreation centers and so on. It solves the problems of large passenger flow and long-distance delivery. It can satisfy the requirements of long-distance walk, delivery of luggage cart; baby's cart; shopping cart; wheelchair for the disabled etc. People feel as easily as walking on firm earth in traveling OMS moving walk. It is greatly convenient for the people's outing and shopping.
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