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  • OMS IOT technology-Elevator management reform in the era of big data
    What is the lift of Things technology? Elevator networking technology is the use of high-definition cameras, and other sensors, RFID and Internet technology, to build a more complete and comprehensive information network elevator. So as to better protect the personal safety of elevator passengers.

    Ormus elevator networking technology (OMS-IOT)) is the company in 2015 Ormus joint German elevator company jointly developed, launched a high-tech IOT series, this series is a terminal device networking systems, for data acquisition and interactive networking system. This series of products are generally outside the IOT-WL300D Netcom, DC back-up power supply UPS, elevator controller, external sound, 3G antenna, the main components WIFI directional antenna, external HD camera, the human body sensors, networking and proprietary software to build formed (Figure 2). Its effect is to make the largest residential property management staff by supporting the professional software to do the operation "homes, we will be able to embrace all the elevator situation" so that elevator maintenance work has become more scientific and simplistic.

    We have entered the era of big data era, our elevator management also advancing with the times into the "era of big data," select and configure Ormus OMS-IOT technology to manage the elevator, so that the daily management of the elevator becomes more Easy and efficient.

    Figure 1: Ormus networking software interface diagram:

    Figure 2: Ormus networking technology to build the general plan