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  • OMS Elevator hold hands with Tianmu Lake Puiiman Hotel

    Lake Pullman hotel is located in Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway Liyang South exit, adjacent to the scenic Lake scenic area, it is a four-star brand of high-end hotel. Ushered in the number of daily travelers rushed traveled Quartet in 1000 dollars.

    Figure 1: Pullman Lake Lookout (a)

    Figure 2: Lake Lookout Pullman (b)

    Ormus luxury passenger elevator with fine workmanship, the car decoration on tall, perfectly comfortable ride, and 24-hour butler service, providing up and down for every guest of the hotel's high-quality multiplied by carrying experience.
    Liyang, Shan Lake United States, but also China's elevator industry in one of the best talent base lift installation work, it is known as "elevator installation town" reputation. Ormus elevator since 2014 successfully entered the area of the coming year on the project area villa elevators, luxury hotels Keti projects have gains. The energy and Liyang Pullman successful cooperation in hand, it is the best evidence of the company's strength increased substantially.

    Figure 3: Luxury hotel lobby passenger lifts