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  • 5 years honing gives a sharp edge to a sword, OMS Elevator will serve The Great Hall of the people

          June 17th, 2015 is a great inspiring day for OMS Elevator. We get the final confirmation from the National People's Congress: OMS Elevator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. win the public bidding of The Great Hall of the people, 4000kg freight elevator, 1.0m/s, 5 landings (project number: RC-G15004H), please see picture 1: The Bid winning notice.

          It is said that bitter cold adds keen fragrance to plum blossom. In order to bid this project, our general manager Mr. Pan take the command personally, from feasibility demonstration of design scheme, field measurement at local, reception of customer purchasing representative and spot investigation of sample elevator, to elaborate prepare and binding of the bid document. Every step, every detail reflects strict and meticulous work style of OMS Elevator, condensing the diligence and wisdom of OMS people. Finally, depend on scientific technical design plan (adopted 6 new practical patent technology of our company), reasonable price, sincere and pragmatic work style, we beat the strong opponents, and won the bidding. 

          According to the contract appointment, the freight elevator will be shipped in mid-August, complete installation and acceptance before the end of September and will be put into service. It is a great political honor for OMS Elevator that we can win the bid and serve the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. And is the biggest social recognition and best praise of our company and products. It must will encourage all staff of OMS Elevator to produce more and better products to serve the society.

    picture 1: The Bid winning notice.

    Picture 2: the celebrate slogan in factory